Doctoral Honors Seminar

Last week, I–along with two other graduate students–participated in the Doctoral Honors Seminar (DHS) sponsored by National Communication Association (NCA), hosted by Vanderbilt University, Nashville. The theme for this year’s DHS was “Communicating Intersections.” Faculty mentors for our Social Science group were Dr. Carlos Aleman, Dr. Kate Magsamen-Conrad, and Dr. Steven Wilson. The highlights for me were being in the intellectual environment, getting feedback on my dissertation, and hearing exceptional dissertations of the fellow graduate students. Moreover, I am inspired and touched with all the discussions and personal stories that were shared in the seminar sessions. We also spent some time talking about the ways our research can impact communities. Overall, this was definitely a lifetime experience and I learned a lot about career development, job search processes, and being a good scholar/colleague.

These are some of the pictures taken from the Facebook posts of NCA and Dr. Magsamen-Conrad.




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