I believe teaching is a two-way process, and cannot be differentiated from learning; therefore in this process, there will be a mutual exchange of knowledge, experiences, and ideas between students and instructors. I see myself as a facilitator rather than a teacher. I have a strong passion for being in a classroom and I care about my students deeply. I aim to instill creativity and self-reliance in my students along with perseverance and a positive attitude, as I believe these are the keys to success. Although my teaching experience is diverse based on the courses I teach, what remains the same is my philosophy of teaching, which includes a three-way process: setting clear expectations, using suitable examples in the class, and facilitating professional development.

These are the classes I have taught so far as an instructor of record.

Texas State University (2019 – present)

COMM 4326: Health Communication (Fall 2019; Spring 2020; Summer 2021; Spring 2022; Fall 2022; Spring 2023)

COMM 3301: Empirical Research Methods (Fall 2019; Spring 2020; Fall 2020; Fall 2021; Spring 2022; Summer 2022; Fall 2022)

COMM 5301: Quantitative Research Methods (Fall 2020; Fall 2021)

COMM 5333: Health Communication (Spring 2023)

University of Utah (2013 – 2018)      

COMM 4570: Visual Editing (Fall 2017; Spring 2018)

COMM 4580: Strategic Communication Theory & Practice (Summer 2017; Summer 2018)

COMM 3710: Introduction to Quantitative Comm Research (Fall 2016; Spring 2017, Lab instructor)

HEDU 1010: Healthy Lifestyles (Fall 2014)

ANPC College of Health Sciences, Nepal (2011 – 2013)

CHN 2000: Community Health Nursing (Fall 2011 – Summer 2013)

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