My research interests have gradually evolved through my life experiences and opportunities. With my background in nursing and health promotion, I am able to bring a unique perspective to health communication research. My research focuses on the strategic communication of health information. I utilize foundational approaches to strategic communication to engage pressing issues in health communication. My research interests are at the intersection of communication theory, visual message features, and cancer risk communication. I also utilize physiological measures (e.g., eye-tracking, skin conductance, facial expression analysis) in my research.

Peer-reviewed Publications

Pokharel, M., Jensen, J. D., John, K. K., Christy. K. R., Taylor-Burton, S. & Upshaw, S (2022). Visual tailoring and skin cancer prevention: Comparing personalized, stock, and non-ultraviolet images. Health Communication.

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Lillie, H., Jensen, J. D., Pokharel, M., & Upshaw, S. J. (in press). Death narratives, negative emotion, and counterarguing: Testing fear, anger, and sadness as mechanisms of effect. Journal of Health Communication.

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Jensen, J. D., Pokharel, M. Scherr, C. L., King, A. J., Brown, N., & Jones, C. (2017). Communicating uncertainty to the public: How amount and source of uncertainty impact fatalism, backlash, and overload. Risk Analysis, 37(1), 40-51.                                             *2017 Best Paper in Risk Analysis

Kaphingst K. A., Blanchard, M., Milam, L., Pokharel, M., Elrick, A., & Goodman, M. S. (2016). Relationships between health literacy and genomics-related knowledge, self-efficacy, perceived importance, and communication in a medically underserved population. Journal of Health Communication, 21(sup1), 58-68.

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