NCA 2018 in Salt Lake City

This year the annual convention of National Communication Association (NCA) was held in Salt lake City (Nov 8th-11th).

I attended the Health Communication Division’s Doctoral & Early Career Scholar Pre-conference hosted by Dr. Matthew Savage and Dr. Courtney Lynam Scherr and had a great time there. We discussed about navigating the job market, publishing journal articles and books, reviewing articles, writing grants, and teaching health communication classes. I had the opportunity to go for lunch with Dr. Terry Thompson; I am amazed and inspired with her wisdom!

In the conference, I presented the second study of my dissertation entitled “Do Ultraviolet Photos Increase Sun Safe Behavior Expectations via Fear? A Randomized Controlled Trial in a Sample of U.S. Adults.” I got a great response to the study and my presentation. The paper is in press at the Journal of Behavioral Medicine. I was also a co-author in three other papers presented at the NCA. Two of the papers were presented by Dr. Jakob D. Jensen and one paper was Dr. Tae Kyoung Lee.


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