Society of Behavioral Medicine 2019

I attended the 40th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions of Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) in Washinton D.C (March 6-9, 2019). It was my first time attending SBM as well as visiting D.C. I enjoyed the conference; I like the focus of the conference in applied research and translating research into practice. The Presidential Keynote: “Leading the Narrative: Bringing Behavioral Medicine to the Masses” by Dr. Sherry Pagoto was motivating.

I did the poster presentation of the third study of my dissertation: “Visual Communication and Skin Cancer Prevention: A Message Experiment Comparing Personalized, Stock, and Non-Ultraviolet Images”. Dr. Jada G. Hamilton, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, was my poster mentor. I appreciate her valuable insights for future studies. It was also very nice to catch up with Mindy, Courtney, and Hannah.



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